Quesos El Afinador arises from a passion, the passion for cheese. This project is the result of Javier Alconero’s efforts and vocation. Javier is a qualified engineer with extensive technical background and experience in the food industry, and more precisely, in the dairy sector. After having worked in several renowned companies, he decided to return to his origins in the cheese field. He dreamed of recovering the figure of the affineur, afinador in Spanish, a master cheese maturer whose expertise in aging artisan cheese production is very much recognised in other countries, such as France. Quesos El Afinador aims to share this dream through their signature cheeses.

In Quesos El Afinador we select the best milk for our cheeses. During this process of selection, we have met several generous producers who welcomed us in their homes and invited us to work with them. Now we are able to share our knowledge and improve our efficiency, which makes us more competitive in the market.

At Quesos El Afinador, we take pride in the high quality of our products, in maintaining a close relationship with our customers, providing an excellent personalised service and sharing our experience with friends, all a must for us. Our wish is to make everybody partake of a cheese tasting, a wine or beer and cheese pairing, a cheese table or just a cheese board appetizer or a dessert cheese dish. And if we cannot be there with you, you can always contact us through our website.